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Birthdate:Mar 7
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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80s music, adding insult to injury, alternative lifestyle, alternative lifestyles, anal sex, ankle cuffs, anti-feminism, bad movies, baking, bdsm, beetlejuice, begging, being controlled, being cuckolded, being dominated, being on my knees, being owned, being tied down, being tied up, being used, belittlement, bisexual, black-and-white photography, blindfolds, bondage, breath play, breathplay, burlesque, canes, chains, chastity, chattel, cock sucking, cock worship, collar and leash, collars, consensual slavery, consent play, corporal punishment, corsets, cuckold, cuckolding, cuckquean, daffodils, degradation, denial, digital photography, dirty talk, discipline, domestic discipline, dub-con, enslavement, erotica, family guy, female degradation, female inferiority, female servitude, female slavery, female submission, female subservience, females as property, forced anal, forced submission, gagging, gags, hair pulling, hair-pulling, handcuffs, housework, humiliation, humility, inequality of the sexes, inferiority, kink, kneeling, locked collars, male dominance, male superiority, male supremacy, misogyny, natural order, obedience, obedience training, obedient females, obeying, objectification, orgasm denial, patriarchy, pleasing men, punishment, purple, reading, reflexology, restraints, role play, roleplay, rope, rope bondage, servitude, sexual slavery, sexual submission, slave, slavery, spanking, steel collars, straightjackets, strong males, subjugation, submission, submissive females, submissive wives, submitting, subservience, supernatural, taken in hand, training, watersports, wincest, women as property
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